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Stavanger is medium-sized, with the charm of a small town and the facilities of a modern metropolis and cover an area of 71,4 km2 in Rogaland County. Approximately 128.000 people live within the city limits, 250.000 if we include the surrounding area. There is no such thing as “far” in Stavanger. Within the city´s boundaries, you can reach out and touch almost anything you want to experience. You can reach a deep fjord, a wind-blown island, or an endless white sandy beach under Jæren´s picturesque skies within an hour from the centre of town. Alexander Kielland was born in Stavanger and one of the most famous Norwegian realistic writers of the 19th century. He is one of the so-called “The Four Greats” in Norwegian literature, along with Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Jonas Lie.

Old Stavanger consists of more than 150 old timber houses built in the late 18th and early 19th century. The site, being the best preserved collection of timber houses in northern Europe, is preserved by law as a historical monument, and gives a real impression of the old city. The houses are partly in private ownership, and partly owned by the City. There is no fee to visit the site, no cars (let your kids run around!) and many places to sit down and enjoy your half kilo of fresh shrimps you may have just bought from the old fisherman down at the harbour… Stavanger Airport is located at Sola.

In Stavanger, you will find all the advantages and charm of a small town; small wooden houses lining narrow streets and alleys, cobblestone streets in the automobile-free heart of the town, lots of pleasant shops, a safe environment where you do not need to be afraid of violence against yourself or your children, the open-air flower and vegetable market, the fish pier with live catches and small boats along the harbor offering freshly caught shrimps, crabs and lobsters.

However, the city can also offer the advantages of a big city; an international mixture of people where nearly everyone speaks English, an excellent golf-course, a vibrant cultural environment with large and small concerts, exhibitions, festivals, theater and revue shows, a selection of restaurants and cafes to satisfy all tastes and styles, and nightlife that includes the most hectic nightclubs.

Multiple educational institutions for higher education are located in Stavanger. The largest of these is the University of Stavanger, which offers doctorates in Petroleum Technology and Offshore Technology among others.

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